This recently updated series of monologues for women can be performed individually, in groups of three by one actor and also exists as an evening-length work. (Sadly, they are all still relevant…)


In STUFFING*, a plus-size homemaker struggles to reconcile her binge-eating compulsion with her botulism phobia. In SEEKING, a queen-bee MBA loses her French nanny (and her sanity) shortly before an international conference. SLIPDRESS** presents a 16-year old girl explaining to a police psychologist why she destroyed the baby she birthed during her prom. SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: A “not-angry”, 5-times-married male bartender warns a starry eyed groom about the perils of marriage. AMERICA’S LITTLE SWEETHEART reboots Shirley Temple, who tries to connect with an audience as a child star in today’s America. In SILENCE, a frenzied new mother longs to escape back into the womb (her own). Woven between the monologues, an increasingly desperate female activist, THE REVOLUTIONARY, tries to explain what it is about our society that compels her to commit ever more radical acts in order to be heard — including one final, incendiary gesture.


One woman, two women in alternating roles, or roles for 7 women of variable ages.


Production History:


*Produced by Tapestry Theatre at Philadelphia Female Funnyfest. **Produced at Brat Theater’s Honeypot Festival, Philadelphia. ***Produced as “MONSTERS I HAVE EATEN “ at Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Wilma Theatre Re-fried Fringe, 1998.  Produced as “THIN ICE” at Fringe Festival, 1998 and Ursinus College, both directed by Jan Silverman.