Jason the Bunyip Slayer


A lonely, muddy, awkwardly shaped character from the Australian Dreamtime tries desperately to come to terms with his unappealing personal characteristics and bad reputation. At the same time, Jason, a mouthy, chubby 11-year old transplant from Philadelphia to the Australian outback struggles with his own inability to fit into his new social environment. When the two outcasts’ paths collide, Jason alone seems to have the ability to see and/or understand the mythical misfit – which only attracts more ridicule from his schoolmates. But then Jason’s equally un-cool Aussie admirer Miranda admits that she too believes in the Bunyip, and joins him on a quest to bring back a photo of the creature. Traipsing through the outback together and surviving mayhem in the city, they unleash Jason’s talents as a hero, and a really, really good friend.


First draft libretto complete; seeking a composer.